Thursday, June 4, 2009

More updates on Claire!

Today we had another ultrasound! Found out that it is still a girl so that is great to hear! We also got a lot more pictures. Everything is going really well and Claire is going to be a healthy baby as of right now! It's gard to believe that we only have 16 weeks left. It doesn't seem like much. And he past 24 weeks have gone by so fast. There really isn't that much to report since last time. She is measuring in teh 50% range which is good, and means she is an average size baby. We read in our what to expect book that mothers who give birth in higher altitudes usually have smaller babies! That is good because I am not ready to have a 10 pound baby like I was! No thank you! And she weighs about 1.6 pounds right now. I did include a picture of my tummy popping out. I think it is disgusting, but it is part of being pregnant right. I can't feel bad though because I still haven't gained any weight. I am really excited about that! haha!! So here I am at 23 weeks!
This is just a side view of Claire again!
Here is her face poking out. You can see her eye sockets and her nose and her mouth. Her mouth is slightly opened! She has her Daddy's nose!

This is probably my favorite picture so far!! She is sucking her fingers!!

And here is the attempt of the 3d ultrasound. There is not enough space between the face and the pacenta for the maching to distinguish the face. She likes to stay real close to it. Again though... she has her Daddy's nose. I called that from the begining!