Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes the rumors are true...

WE ARE EXPECTING!! No- we weren't trying and yes this is a HUGE surprise to us!! We knew that the birth control I was taking was not very effective, and it was limited to what I could take. So while we weren't planning, we were prepared. I, for one, feel so blessed. I am nervous because I have had problems and complications in the past with estrogen levels effecting me. I am just praying that God keeps both me and our baby healthy. Right now I am overjoyed and very much excited. Extremely nervous, as this is our first one, and wishing more than ever that my mom was here. All her threats of "someday I hope you havea kid JUST like you..." will soon be coming true. I came home from work yesterday, and I just felt like there was something missing. Something was off... but I couldn't put my finger on it. I had been feeling sick and nasaeus the last few weeks. I thought it was because I was in the middle of a 3 week detox kit. I quit taking it and was still getting the same symptoms. When I came home from work I decided to take the pregnancy test just to make sure that wasn't what was going on. In all honesty, I thought it would be an eliminator for me. When I looked down at the stick I about threw up when all I saw was the word pregnant, not NOT pregnant. I started shaking it and saying where is teh word not?? I can't be pregnant!! I was shaking and felt butterflies and thought... OH NO! WHAT WILL I TELL DEXTER!? Luckily I have the coolest husband in the world and he hugged me and was so excited. It wasn't till I told him that I shed my tears of joy and realized what just happened. We went to the BX and took another one just to be sure... when it came out positive again we knew. We went to the Dr.'s this morning and found out we are 5 weeks today, and due September 23rd... the day before my dad's birthday! We will keep you all updated as this progresses! Please keep us in your prayers. We love you!

~Dexter, Amber and Baby!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The family all together again!

This was the first Christmas in I think almost 5 years or something that all of us were together for Christmas. Sure, we all look like a hot mess, but that is what Christmas morning looks like right?! We tried to get Bailey and Bearinger, our lab puppies, in the pictures but they were hard to tame! Underneath the picture is a caption of who everyone is!

Back Row: Brian Walker (step-brother) Dan Walker (Step-dad) Peter Lloyd (Brother) Amber and Dexter
Front Row: Rachel Boutte (Sister) Karen Walker (Mom) Katrina Walker (Step-sister) Morgan Lloyd (sister in law) with Radar the dog

I know we are behind...

But we do want to wish you all a Happy New year! Our first New years together we went to dinner at Red Lobster... the place we had our first date! We came back home and went to our Neighbors for a little bit and played a game of Beer Pong. We decided to come home before Midnight so that we could celebrate together. I think since we had worked so early that day, and had just got back home from a week long vacation, we were both exhausted. We decided to crawl into bed and watch the ball drop. Gore shook me a little after and said- "Hey wake up it's New Years." Oops- I guess I had fallen asleep. After telling him, "Why didn't you wake me I would have watched the ball drop with you?" I think I fell asleep again instantly. That was our New Years!

Happy New Years Everyone and may your year be filled with bliss!

A tribute to my mom!

As you may know... my amazing mother turned 50 this year on New Year's eve. While we were all home this year for Christmas we threw her a surprise birthday party. We had a Murder Mystery Party. It was so much fun and thank you to all of you who participated in it! I was surprised how into their characters everyone got. My mom figured we were doing something with the family, but had no clue all her friends and family would be there too. We started the morning going to church as a family and then out to breakfast. As a distraction Dan took her to Costco to return some items. While all us kids went back home to decorate and set up. The theme was "Murder in Sin City", so I went to Party City and got Vegas themed decorations. When she got home to see all of us dressed up in the kitchen she was shocked! On her bed was an outfit we had planned for her. She went in and changed, came out, and the game began! Here are some pictures of the Birthday Girl at the party!

We had everyone bring a bottle of wine for her to help fill up her cellar! I love this picture of her! She is so adorable!
I love this picture, because I think of all the things my parents have ever done for me and my siblings, and the rough year they had last year trying to finish their house, all the stress I personally put on them having my wedding there, and of course Dan's heart attack. But when I look at this picture, the two of them laughing and smiling and just enjoying life, it makes me feel so blessed to have my parents. I love them so much!

If I were to see this picture and not know that it was my mom, I would not think that she was 50. My mom is probably the prettiest 50 year old I know!

Making her birthday wish!

Blowing out all the candles... I really hope that all your prayers are answered, and your dreams come true!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! We love you now and Always!

Our First Christmas together!

With Dexter being in Korea last year, this was officially our year of first together. He left right befor Christmas so we missed what should have been our first Christmas together. So this year we celebrated in Washington with my family. We also played the role of good spouse and went along to the crazy work Christmas parties. Here are a few of our pictures together!

**Christmas 2008**
This was during our family Christmas with my Dad's side of the family. My nephew Jordyn, who is six, took this picture! He almost cut Uncle Gore out of it!

The Christmas party at The Isleta Casino here is Albuquerque for his squadron. I don't know what is up with his eye... I think I am pulling it down. HaHa! But it is still a cute picture!

I had to share this because, well... unfortunately this is who we are in a nut shell! I am thinking of using this for our Christmas cards next year! OK- Just kidding!

My Uncle Dan took this picture. He is tall, so I really like the angle of this picture!

Seahawks Game 12-21-08

So... for my birthday, Dexter bought us tickets to the last home game of the season for the Seahawks vs. Jets. It was also Coach Holmgren's last home game with the Seahawks. It was FREEZING since it was snowing the whole time. I am not exagerating when I say that the snowflakes were the size of quarters. We still manage to have a blast! I love my camera... check out the team huddle shot! Go Seahawks!!

Look how cute we are!!

<~~~~ There is Coach Holgrem! Just to show how awesome my new camera is... We were halfway down the field when I took this picture! Holy Zoom!

Check out the snow on the field... I know it doesn't look like much, but remember... the players run around on it pushing it into the ground.

We took the Sounder up so we didn't have to drive to Seattle and back in all the snow. So while Dexter was standing in line for the tickets I had to snap a picture of him wearing a Seahawks jersey. It was a miracle on Sumner's Streets!!
We are very glad that we ended up seeing a game that Seattle won. Our seats, that we bought off of Craig's List were amazing and we didn't mind the cold after awhile! All in all- we were very happy!