Saturday, April 25, 2009

This proud wife will boast!

So, even though I just wrote a huge long update about the family, I thought that Dexter deserved his own litle post. I just have to say, that I am the proudest wife right now. Yesterday we went to an awards banquet and he got two different awards! The were both for Senior Airman of the quarter. Which means, that he will be up for Senior Airman of the Year at the end of this year. He got it for his 498 squadron, as well as for the Nuclear Weapons Center. That one has a star on it, which means that it was presented to him by a general. For someone who has only been here 6 months, that is a great accomplishment out of his group! I love him, and I am so proud of him!

For soem reason I can't add the picture of his award right now, but I will add it later on.

A whole family update!

Where have the last 4 1/2 months gone? I can't quite believe yet that we are almost half way through this pregnancy. It is going so fast. Sorry I haven't been very good about the updating on here. It has been a very busy past few weeks. Before I fill you all in on the baby, I will fill you in on what has been going on in our lives as well.

First, we have been in New Mexico already for 6 months. I have to say, it's not as bad as I had anticipated. We are living on base, which seems to be about the safest place here. Well, we though anyway until Dexter's Georgia Bulldogs statue got taken from our front porch. It was a very sad day and we are still missing him. He was like the real bulldog we couldn't have. But just like most places, Albuquerque has it's fair share of violence and crime. So while we may have had our dog stolen, I am very grateful to be on base. Dexter does not let me go out at night alone. Although, he wouldn't go get me a frosty at 10 o'clock last week when the baby started wanting something chocolaty cold, so I may have to start breaking those rules! Haha! You may have seen in the national news lately that they have been digging up some bodies. Yes, this is true and I think the count is up to like 12 or something. But it happened before we got here. Trust us, we are very safe down here.

Despite all that, we are having amazing weather! So a quick history lesson for those of you that don't know either Dexter or I very well. He is from the Georgia. He spent his first 15 months in the service in Turkey, then went to Louisiana for a year, (where we met!) and then spent another year in Korea before coming here. All those places were hot summers with a lot of humidity. Korea had less, but still had some. I come from the Pacific Northwest. Rain, Rain, RAIN! I then spent 2 summers in Omaha, Nebraska, and then the next one in Louisiana. I went from rain with possible sunshine, to hot and humid in both Nebraska and Louisiana. The weather here I think is the best sun I have ever had. It is so nice out, but yet there is a little breeze that blows high up here, that it cools you down. It's not that hot and muggy breeze. It is simply put... GREAT! Now... who wants to come visit??

Dexter is doing great, as always, in work. He test in just a few weeks for staff. It couldn't be a better time. We will find out if he makes Staff Sergeant in August, right before the baby gets here. It will be a great time to get it. Keep him in your prayers! A promotion is what he deserves.

I have been transitioning through jobs. I think that I finally found the job that is perfect for me. I recently accepted a position on base with the Child Development Center (CDC). It is a daycare for children 6 weeks through preschool. It's a government job so Dexter and I will have holidays off together, as well as weekends. It is close to home too which is always a bonus. The one thing I love most about it, is that when it comes time to return to work after having the baby, I get to bring my baby to work. As long as there is a spot that opens up. If not, then we will have to find something else out. But this is what we are praying works out for us.

Now for some mommy/baby news! First and foremost, the morning sickness is GONE! It has been such a relief. I was so sick and swore I would never get pregnant again! One and done is what Dexter kept telling me. Now I have a cold, but it is nothing compared to 13 weeks of misery. Every time we go to the doctor the heartbeat gets a little bit stronger, and the uterus sticks out a little further. Thanks to the "extra padding" I had around the baby, it is taking a little longer to show to everyone else. Plus, the 30 pounds that I have lost look like they are still there because it is baby sticking out. There are days where I feel like I am showing so much and I can't hide it anymore. But other days I think, hmm... no bump!

The ultimate best thing was feeling the baby move. It started with some flicks and flutters. And now I can feel movements like turns and little jabs. It sometimes makes me cry because it is so incredible. I'm slowly getting an appetite back, but still have some food aversions. I still can't eat meat. Which bums me out. I think that Dexter took my will to eat meat, because he has been eating ribs, and pork chops, and t-bone steaks in front of me. I remember that I used to love meat, but when I see it now, it makes me want to vomit!

Everyone keeps asking me if I have had any cravings. I really haven't had anything too crazy. For about a week I craved vinegar. It started when I had fish and chips one night. I put the malt vinegar on them and it was all it took. I went the next day and bought a thing of white vinegar and 3 cucumbers. You better believe that I soaked all three cucumbers in vinegar and ate them. I wanted to put vinegar in with my juices and sodas, and even contemplated drinking it from the bottle. I have also been loving me some apples.... Dipped in nacho cheese sauce. Maybe that's weird? I don't really know. Some people like apples and cheddar slices together. And chocolate... I'm not much of a chocolate fan, and I really do not like chocolate ice cream. But I had some triple chocolate ice cream with brownies in it and it was the best thing in my life that day. Ok... so maybe I have had a few. But nothing too weird!

Just a week and a half till we find out if it is a Nathan or a Claire! I had crazy baby dreams the other night and in all the dreams it was a boy. So we will see. I will of course keep you all updated!

Thanks again for your love and support!