Saturday, April 25, 2009

This proud wife will boast!

So, even though I just wrote a huge long update about the family, I thought that Dexter deserved his own litle post. I just have to say, that I am the proudest wife right now. Yesterday we went to an awards banquet and he got two different awards! The were both for Senior Airman of the quarter. Which means, that he will be up for Senior Airman of the Year at the end of this year. He got it for his 498 squadron, as well as for the Nuclear Weapons Center. That one has a star on it, which means that it was presented to him by a general. For someone who has only been here 6 months, that is a great accomplishment out of his group! I love him, and I am so proud of him!

For soem reason I can't add the picture of his award right now, but I will add it later on.

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