Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Gore updates!

Hello again!! I know it's been quite awhile since my last update. I have been meaning to put some updates here ut every time I get a free moment I fall asleep, or decide that getting up and moving is just no tin the cards for me. So let's see... where can I fill you in at?? Well, as of today we are 13 weeks, 2 days along. I am so glad to be reaching this ponit. Hopefully, as the second trimester approaches, the morning sickness will fade away. I have felt like I have had the flu for about 8 weeks straight. I have had very little appetite, extreme exhaustion, and a few (ok, more than a few) random outburst of tears. I really feel that I have the best husband in the world, who is so tender and caring thorugh it all.

We were watching Jeopardy one night and I suddenly burst into tears. He comes over, sits next to me and starts rubbing my back. He asked me what was wrong and I said, "Nothing, I just felt like crying suddenly." His attempt to get me to stop is by saying, "Oh it's ok sweetie, not everyone gets the answers right all the time on this show."

I guess for me the plus side is that through all this I have lost 22 pounds since we found out. I was shocked. But it makes complete sense to me due to the lack of keeping food in my system. I also gained a lot of weight in the begining retaining water, so that was a large part of what I lost.

The baby is doing great! It has a great solid heartbeat. I still only heard one, so those twin genes must not have gotten passed on to me. I really wish so though, I am not sure I can do this again! haha! But that is what they always say I guess. Then I will get the baby blues and put myself through it all again.

We have an amazing midwife that we are working with. We chose a midwife because they are more likely to be there with you through the whole thing and they spend more time with you than the doctors. We are so happy with our decision and couldn't be more thrilled about the one we were assigned. I met another one at my appointment yesterday, and knew that we were with the right one for us.

We have another appointment on May 6th to do an ultrasound. This will be the first ultrasound that we will actually be able to see the baby as more than a lima bean. It will also be the one to determine the sex of the baby. Once that happens I can finally start seting up the nursery and picking out clothes and a theme. Dexter wants to do the babies room in renguins, but I have been having a hard time finding penguin stuff. So maybe just penguin toys?? I don't know, we will see.

We do have the names picked out. If we have a boy it will be Nathan David Gore. And if it is a girl it will be Claire Elisabeth Gore. Either way we will be excited. Both of us are in love with the name Claire, so we are kind of excited about the thought of a girl. But a boy would be great too. I am just glad that I got Nathan, and not Hershell like Dexter wanted. I don't know... it's his way of making sure our son is a Georgia Bulldog I guess!

I haven't really had any weird cravings yet. I think the fact that I haven't been able to eat is a part of it. I would really want some for two days at a time, and then it would get ruined for me. I have a longer list of foods that have been ruined fo rme, than foods I crave.

Dexter, who is going to kill me for telling this, has been the sweetest guy that I have ever seen waiting for his child. He talks to my belly every night in bed, and kisses it before going to work. Saying hello and god morning, and I love you! It is one of the things that can bring me to tears.

I promise that I will put the pictures up here when we have our ultrasound. So check back around the 6th. I will try to get better about posting too. Brie keeps yelling at me because she wants the details... so sorry, I will try harder! haha!

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!


Jody said...

Thanks for the updates, very cool, and I love the side bar thing showing his/her growing!

Zwickl Family said...

Finally! :) It is so fun reading what is going on with you and baby. I am glad your almost over the morning sickness! Next blog I want pictures! :)

Steph G. said...

Baby Gore!!

I love the names!
Hershell is a cute name too, hahaha, oh Dex!

I want to see my Amber soon! Perhaps a visit to N. Mex is in order? :)

Love you guys!

HebertFam3 said...

so you're nearing the gender ultrasound, you must be excited!! when are you scheduled to have it? I'm excited for you!!